Continue quit not working in enhanced applet

I have an enhanced applet which is a stay open applet with an on idle handler and an on quit handler. The continue quit command in the on quit handler is triggering an error. The first time it triggers it is caught by my script’s try statement and displays a dialog with the error message giving me the option to quit or attempt to continue using the app (which is the expected behaviour when encountering an error). If I choose quit from that dialog it triggers and error for the second time, and This time it seems to be handled by something else – I assume something in-built by Script Debugger. It displays a dialog titled “Runtime Script Error” with the message “Can’t continue quit” but ironically displays a button labelled “Quit” which, thankfully, quits the app.

I’m now using the 7.0.6 prerelease but I’m pretty sure this issue existed in 7.0.5.

Is this a known issue and is there a work around?

The failure of the continue quit command is a bug which we’ll address in the 7.0.6 maintenance release.