Contact Smart Group Stopped Working


Your idea to use a Smart Group to select Contacts (instead of using AppleScript to do so) was brilliant and worked well until about this year’s leap day, February 29.

Now this Smart Group, Birthday Soon, finds some people with birthdays today or tomorrow, but not all such people:

Name: Birthday Soon
Condition: Birthday is in the next 1 day

Do you have any idea how to get it working again?

I posed this problem in an Apple Community Discussion and rebuilding the Spotlight index was suggested.

Initially the rebuilt Spotlight index seemed to improve the Smart Group’s accuracy, but it’s still missing people.

For example, yesterday, March 4, two people with birthdays on March 5 were included among the Cards selected by Birthday Soon.

Today, March 5, the Cards of neither of these people with birthdays on March 5 are selected by Birthday Soon.


Thank you.