Configuring entitlements for an app that can runs scripts targeting any app

So how does an app like Script Debugger manage to target any app without having specific entitlement temporary exceptions for every possible app? I’ve written an app to replace an old 3rd party app that launches apps and scripts. Apple rejected it because I had a temporary exception in there so scripts targeting System Events could run, but then I realized that it couldn’t run scripts that targeted any other app without a temporary exception.

Script Debugger doesn’t need those entitlements because it’s not sandboxed.

That said, the BBEdit guys might have a workaround. I believe they use XMP XPC to run their scripts.

Ah, not sandboxed. That would be nice. I’ll see if the BBEdit devs can help. Thanks!

What does XMP stand for?

It was a typo — I meant XPC. A way of running tasks as a separate processes.