Compiled Script saves as a folder

Hi all,

I don’t know if this is SD related or some pref on my mac not setup properly but SD now create a FOLDER when I save my script as “compiled script” (which has other files added to its bundle).

But only when I do SAVE AS. If I simply SAVE, everything is ok.
Also, I do not get the REPLACE warning when doing so.

Note that I recently got a new MacBook now running Big Sur.


There’s an issue in Big Sur where, when you do a save as and change the file type, the extension is not changed accordingly. The result is what you see. Until we get a new version released, the solution is to manually fix the extension in the save dialog.

Thanks Shane,

Geez, it has been a while when was Aspro New Orleans? 2006?

Actually, I did not do a file type change, only the name.

Coincidently, can I contact you w/r to a problem I am having with Indesign?

So a compiled script called <whatever>.scpt saved as <something_else>.scpt? I can’t reproduce that here.

Fell free to post questions in the forums here. Alas, I do very little InDesign scripting these days, so I’m not really the person to ask.

(Yes, 2006…)

New Orleans was 2002. You guys are old. :slight_smile:

My memory is Michel led a group out for karaoke one night, though Shane and I did not go.

In 2006, Shane made me ride a bike through Manhattan and beyond. I think that was the (only?) time Mark joined us via video. But a lot more happened on that trip.

Note that this issue is resolved in the current Script Debugger 7.0.13 beta build.