Color in Popup Menu

Can you suggest a way to display a color in the popup menu next to text?

I found pickup color Script Library and an example on
Its pretty cool but has a dialog built in and is not open to editing otherwise i would attempt to insert into the dialog toolkit.

I am looking to have several fields display at once and one of them be a popup menu with choose color.

Any advice would be appreciated as always!

I’m not sure what the best approach would be in ASObjC. Why don’t you send an email to Takaaki and ask him how he did it? It’s probably covered in his blog somewhere.

I just did a quick look around, and it is covered:

It’s a matter of creating suitable views.

I meant to thank you sooner as always! Which example were you referring to on that page?

It’s the part where he creates a view and fills it with a colored bezier.