Code Signing Script hanging

Im using 8.0.5 (8A57) and although I have code signing turned off except for exporting it still pops up and hangs. I end up force quitting and there’s no report. Any suggestions? Its an Enhanced Applet with Stay Open on and Show Startup off.

Any suggestions?

Please provide a Sample Report when Script Debugger hangs. You can obtain this report using Apple’s Activity Monitor utility.

I will next time it does it. It happens every once in while.

I haven’t had the error since I re-downloaded my Certificates. I was running a clean OS copy of Big Sur but had not downloaded them or setup Xcode and was saving a previously signed script. I believe it error’d on trying to sign. If you’re not doing it already, perhaps you could check for the existence of the Certificate before trying to sign to prevent issues?

Script Debugger relies on the security find-identity command to identify the code signing certificates available on your system. Script Debugger will only offer to use certificates the system reports as available.

I suspect something else is causing the hangs you experienced. Should the problem happen again, please capture a Sample Report and we’ll see if we can track down the cause.

I haven’t hung during the save/code signing however hung during saving just now. I was trying to save an enhanced app which was running started with Script Debugger. Normally it stops it and saves.

Heres the sample. I couldn’t upload the file as .log or .txt so I zipped it:
Sample of Script (27.5 KB)

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Thank you, that is helpful.

If the hang should happen again, please gather another Sample Report - I’m curious to know if the hang happens in the same location. If possible, please send me a copy of your script to @alldritt .

Had another hang.
Sample of Script (27.0 KB)

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