Code-signing in 7A33

Opening an existing applet, I choose Save As and select my code-signing certificate from the pop-up menu, saving over the existing file. If I got to Save As again, the correct code-signing shows up in the pop-up.

However, if I close the applet and then re-open it later, then choose Save as, the pop-up shows Don’t Code Sign instead of the current code-signing certificate. When I check via shell, the applet does validate as being code-signed correctly.

If I instead go in the Resources Tab and change the Code-signing pop-up there, this seems to stick to the point where if I re-open the script the pop-up in the Save As dialog shows the correct option.

I guess my best route for now is to always use the Resources Tab, but wanted to let you now.

Thanks, will be fixed.


There’s also File -> Code Signing.