Code Completion Key Command

What is the key command for code completion in Script Debugger? I am unable to trigger the code completion and cannot find any key command in any of the menu items.

On all Mac OS versions before Sierra (10.12), it is the Escape key. On macOS Sierra it is the F5 key.


escape key


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And for those straddling versions, F5 works before Sierra too.

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Thanks, Mark! This was driving me crazy.

My fingers are so used to using ESC that reaching over to F5 felt really awkward. Not only that, but making the choice to either flip the F keys back to their function key equivalents (thereby losing audio and brightness controls) or being forced to hold down the fn key before striking F5 was a lose-lose proposition for me, so I did a bit of digging and found a little gem on Stack Exchange

In addition to F5 for code completion, you can also use OPTION-ESC. I tried it and it works like a charm!

The Stack Exchange asker was looking for a solution to return to pure ESC - but no luck there. Failing that, IMHO, falling back to OPTION-ESC is a much more comfortable and natural compromise than F5.

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Thanks so much for this! It was driving me crazy. Since I’m disabled I’m forced to use special on-screen software keyboard and simply can’t use F5 key. I’d prefer Xcode-like solution where all this keys work: ESC, OPTION-ESC, and most importantly, user-configurable: CONTROL-SPACE.

Mark, woul’d it be possible to make this user-configurable? …which means more accessible for people with a special needs?


I just configured ctrl+space via Preferences>Keybindings and the select Edit>Complete and press the Set… button.

It would be nice the Help-file would be updated, because I spend some time figuring out why ESC didn’t work on my computer…

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