Closed documents reopen on relaunch

I’ve reported that this happens after crashes (and it’s worse then) but I’m noticing that often scripts that I saved and closed before quitting SD reopen when I relaunch SD.

Just now I was working on three scripts, two new untitled scripts and an applet. I closed one untitled script without saving, closed the applet (no changes needed to be saved, then closed and saved the third as an applet.

Then I quit SD. When I relaunched the applet that I had closed without saving opened.

This has been happening, but not consistently, so I was keeping an eye on it and making sure that everything was saved and closed before quitting.

→ Script Debugger 8.0.3 (8A49)
→ MacOS 11.6.2

Just to see what would happen, after this relaunch where closed windows repopened, I closed all the open windows (there were three) and quit SD. When I relaunched SD all three windows opened again.

Also, just noticed that the script that had been in debug mode when saved opened in run mode.

I can’t reproduce that here.

To explain, if Remember open scripts is checked, the details of open scripts are saved to Script Debugger’s preferences when you quit, and the preferences are used to reopen them at next launch. So a crash means the state obviously can’t be saved, and the preference setting from the last launch will be re-used.

I can’t explain what you’re seeing when there’s no crash. Could you perhaps have more than one copy running?

Not on the same mac. I have one on my MacMini and one on my Macbook

Just checked both and Remember Open Scripts is check on both.

Sometimes when I quit SD it seems to clear really fast. Is there a way to tell if instead of quitting it actually crashed? (Sometimes when it does that I get the SD crash reporter)

Ironically, what you’re seeing is probably a good way…