Clipping for ASObjC handler


(Shane Stanley) #1

I’ve been updating some very old scripts, and in several cases I’ve wanted to quickly add a handler containing some ASObjC code, as outlined here:

It occurred to me that this sort of handler is crying out for a clipping, so I wrote one that others might also find useful:

on [[linked-template:handlerName]]([[linked-template:theArg]])
script theScript
	property parent : a reference to current application
	use framework "Foundation"
	on [[linked-template:handlerName]]([[linked-template:theArg]])
		[[template:-- Handler code goes here...]]
	end [[linked-template:handlerName]]
end script
return theScript's [[linked-template:handlerName]]([[linked-template:theArg]])
end [[linked-template:handlerName]]

Save it as a .txt file in your Clippings folder, and it will insert this:

The linking of placeholders means you type the handler name once instead of five times, and the argument name(s) once instead of three times.