Change Color of Result Bar and Close Search Bar

I’ve been using Script Debugger for 4 months now and couldn’t be happier. There are a few very-minor items I would like to change but can’t find a way. They are probably just not possible but I decided to inquire just in case.

  1. The result bar has a dark background that makes reading text difficult (my color vision is poor). Is there some way to change the background to white with black text without changing any other colors?

  2. When I select Search > Find… a search bar appears. Is there some way to close the search bar in a script other than with GUI scripting? I use a Script Debugger reset script and would like to add this capability to my script.

Thanks for any help.

No – but GUI scripting only needs to emulate escape.

Thanks Shane. I didn’t know that–all this time I’ve been clicking on that little “Done” button.

If and only if the cursor is still in either the find or replace fields.

If the find or find/replace fields are left open, and the cursor is in the script body then Cmd-F, ESC.


Thanks Chris–I’ve incorporated your suggestion in my script.

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