Category for developers implementing AppleScript support

Would you consider hosting questions for devs who are trying to add AppleScript support to their apps?

I know such questions can be asked on mailing lists like CocoaDev, but I figure there’s probably not many people that have the experience of doing that, and an active forum on this topic might bring in new interest to SD itself.

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While I don’t personally need this at this time, I think it is a great idea.

Why? Because it may help encourage developers to provide scripting support for their apps.


Yeah, exactly. And I have a few questions that would kick us off if they’re welcome…

We have created an AppleScript for Developers topic.

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In keeping with the ‘rubber duck’ hypothesis, I resolved the particular issues I was having in trying to compose my first post for the new forum and describe the problem, so although the forum remains empty, it’s already been a great help!

I do have other questions about implementing AS Support in general, but I’ll keep them until they distill into a practical problem scenario.