Catalina: app launched from AppleScript --> prompt that app wants to receive keystrokes

Now that the Catalina beta lets my scripts run, I’ve come across a new mystery. I have some scripts that launch the SheepShaver emulator app (using the open -e command). When the scripts launch, macOS displays a message saying that SheepShaver wants to receive keystrokes from any application, and offers to take me to System Preferences. (This happens every time, even after I give SheepShaver permission to receive keystrokes.)

I certainly don’t want SheepShaver to receive keystrokes from other applications, so this seems needless. Does anyone know a way to prevent this message from appearing?

EDIT: The solution is to show the contents of the AppleScript application, find the SheepShaver app inside, and drag it into the System Preferences pane that enables keyboard access. This is a bit much to ask from non-technical users. It should be possible to create a desktop shortcut to the app inside the AppleScript and instruct users on how to drag it into System Preferences, and then delete the shortcut. But it would be a lot simpler to avoid the whole routine if I could figure out how to do so.