Can't use SD window, just beeps when clicked


I included a copy of the console output and I got a sample process of SD from activity monitor and uploaded both in this post. I sent you a video of what I described below. You have to see it to believe it. The email is called “Very weird problem with SD.”

I was using iTunes for a while and then clicked an empty SD window to get started with SD again and all that happen was a beep sounded. This was around 4:30am give or take 10 or 15 minutes. Unfortunately I didn’t check the time when this happened. I left the window sit for a while but it still beeped when I tried it later.

"New Scrip"t is current grayed out in the File menu. I can’t open recent files. The “close window” menu item is grayed out but the Close all menu item is not grayed out. The dictionary menu item is grayed out in the window menu.

When I click the SD window I get a beep. I can click the window in Finder and move it no problem. Script Debugger remains the front application as I am moving the Finder window around. When I move the SD window it moves but alway stays behind the Finder window. All the items in the dictionary window are dimmed. The about box menu item is dimmed. I can’t do much in the File menu because most of it is dimmed (new script, recent scripts, close script, … are dimmed). But oddly enough the “Close All” menu item in the File menu is not dimmed.

The really weird part is when I click the Finder window Script Debugger remains the Frontmost application. Then I pressed command-W and the Finder window closes, the script debugger window finally becomes active, and a new tab is created from text in a previously different window, that previously different window disappears, the text that was in this window before appears in a second tab in the only remaining SD window.

I know this sounds pretty weird. I made movies of all this in 2 movies but they are too big to upload. I emailed you the movies in an email called “Very weird problem with SD.”

I did just now notice I was using build 6A188 and the latest build is 6A189. I’ll update my version as soon as I post this.


Sample of Script (22.8 KB)
Console (1.7 KB)

I believe this issue is resoled in the 6A189 build.