Can't step through applescript

Sorry for the newbie question, but I am trying to step through an AppleScript and nothing is happening. Watched the new user videos, have enabled Full Disc access but after enabling debugging and then click the step button in the tool bar, nothing happens (unlike in the video). I’m must be missing something obvious - any ideas?

Hey Michael,

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Post the script you’re working with, so we can test and see…


Here you go

-- Manage Server Spam application
-- Save as Application in script editor to Applications folder
-- Customize to delete problematic spam that rules won't address
-- 12/30/22 - Michael Lines - Initial version
use AppleScript version "2.4" -- Yosemite (10.10) or later
use scripting additions

on idle
	-- This is executed periodically when the script is run as a stay-open application.
	my deleteSpam()
	return 60 -- Run every minute 
end idle

on deleteSpam()
	tell application "Mail"
		check for new mail -- Refresh/sync mail
		-- Loop through all junk messages
		set myJunkList to every message of junk mailbox
		repeat with junkMsg in myJunkList
			-- Mark all junk messages as read & junk
			set junkMsg's read status to true
			set junkMsg's junk mail status to true -- mark junk to protect privacy
			-- Delete known junk mail 
			if junkMsg's source contains "please don't use a VPN" or (junkMsg's recipient is not "" and junkMsg's source contains "dmarc=fail") then
				set junkMsg's background color to red -- To make them easy to spot and not open
				delete junkMsg
			end if
			-- Move all remaining server caught spam messages to separate junk folder
			if junkMsg's source contains "X-Apple-Movetofolder: Junk" then
				move junkMsg to mailbox "Junk/Server_Spam" of account "iCloud"
			end if
		end repeat
	end tell
end deleteSpam

Sorry, not sure why this is not all formatting correctly

To clarify - I compile, turn on debug, click on any line and then click on the step button - nothing happens

Nothing is happening because there is no on run handler.

To step into your on idle handler you need to use the Idle event simulator:

This is also available from the Script > Step Into sub-menu.


That was it - thank you!

You can’t step through this script because there not a run handler or any top level commands.

If you type:

in the first line, then you will be able to step into your handler.