Can't download "Dialog Toolkit Plus"

When I tried to go to
for downloading the “Dialog Toolkit Plus”.

I get this warning (in macOS 10.15.4) in Safari and in Chrome? I dare not to ignore the warning and going to the site.

Thank you.

It looks like the certificate has expired. I suspect the owner of the site has a few more pressing issues on his plate at the moment, like many of us, but hopefully it will be renewed soon. Thanks for passing it on.

Thank you very much!

You can now download this (and any of my other libs) here:


Shane, does PrefsStorageLib replace your Defaultslib library that used to be on that site? I’m pulling back some old code that I finally want to deploy and when I could not access I looked here, but am only finding PrefStorageLib

Thank you for putting these libraries in this new location, so they are still accessible.

Yes it does. It adds terminology and better error reporting, and it’s a bit more robust and simpler to use.

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Looks like the RegexAndStuffLib v1.0.6 link is not working on that page - it gives an AccessDenied Error.

Apologies — it should be good now.

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Also, though it’s slower and less convenient, you can plug in the links in, and download the files from older versions of the pages.

But you do risk getting older versions.

The new link above should be permanent, in so far as anything is.

I’ve used repeatedly to get things that weren’t otherwise available, but, yes, it’s best to ignore that suggestion for anything that can be got in current versions.

Hi @ShaneStanley! Your “Freeware” page appears to be missing a download link for Dialog Toolkit v2.0.3, would it be possible to get a copy? Dialog Toolkit Plus is there, but I’m looking for the original for Mavericks compatibility, and the Internet Archive only has version 1.0.3 :frowning:

Send me an email and I’ll send it to you, but I’m not distributing it any more.