Cannot select Script Debugger 7 in Privacy Accessibility Preferences

I primarily use Script Debugger to create AppleScript GUI automation scripts to control FileMaker databases.

With Script Debugger 7, I get the following error when running one of my scripts.

System Events got an error: Script Debugger is not allowed assistive access.

This error is expected, since I can see that Script Debugger 7 is not selected in the list of apps allowed under Accessibility preferences. When I click the checkbox, it cannot be selected.

Could there be an app signing issue preventing it from being selectable?

I do have Script Debugger 6 installed, and it is selected in the Privacy/Accessibility panel, and as expected my script works just fine with version 6.

I am using macOS 10.12.6 on a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013)

Any ideas?

One possibility is that someone, not mentioning any names, forgot to unlock the panel? (I have done this in the past, so don’t feel bad if this is it). Make sure you have clicked the Lock icon on bottom left of the panel and logged in. The weird thing with this panel is that when it is locked, you can select the different apps in the panel, you just can’t click the button to change its state.


Good idea.

I had unlocked/locked it a couple of times. And then did it again just now.

But what I just now did differently now, is to actually close the entire Prefs panel, and re-open it.

Then unlock - clicked the checkbox and it worked fine.

So thanks so much for the suggestion - as I got it working with this little bit of extra review.