Cannot save document

I have this error:

“Signaled when an application can’t respond to AppleEvents (errOSAAppNotHighLevelEventAware:-2704)”

when I try to save things that I otherwise can save nicely in Script Editor, or even at other moments of the day (honestly I have no idea what triggers this error).

It is annoying. Any idea what’s going on?

That error is typical when an app you’re talking to can’t respond. Does it happen when scripting any apps in particular?

I had problems with Word today but even when it was responsive I had that behavior. Then I had 3 scripts opened (text format) that refused to save when I launched the SD update procedure.

I’ve got this problem all of the sudden now, too. Working with System Events, Mail, and SpamSieve.

Quit everything, restarted apps; quit everything, logged out, in, restarted apps; rebooted Mac; same thing, over and over.

The script Runs fine, just can’t Save, Save As…, Save a Copy.

Script runs and saves fine in SE.

Any hints on how to track this down?

What happens if you copy and paste into a new document? And can you save it as a .applescript document?

I had the same issue with two scripts.
Could´t save them.
I copied and pasted into another script and same issue.
The solution was to save them as .applescript loosing all the contents (icons, libraries, etc) of the resources folder.
And in my case, the “errors” were related to display dialog command.


Same problem here.

Maybe it is because my trial is over ?..


Yes, this is an issue with Script Debugger Lite. The just release Script Debugger 7.0.3 update addresses this problem. My apologies for any difficulty this problem caused.