Can you overdo the automation?

I installed an update to a script at my clients. He has 4 main scripts (and some others) that run every few minutes, all during the day. They are triggered by launchd. One of them gave an error message and all of them stopped. He couldn’t get any of them to run (yes, even after dismissing the error) until the computer was restarted.

His thought was that it needed a restart because it crashed AppleScript (or OSA) I’m wondering if this is because they overran each other, if if this can actually happen, and if so, what one can do - check if its (what is ‘its’?) running and restart it, or some other solution ?


I really don’t think its possible to “crash” AppleScript on MacOS X. Each progress gets its own copy of the AppleScript runtime and, unlike the old Classic macOS days. there is no cross process caching.

I have had instances where the Finder suddenly begins to throw errors creating folders and renaming files. Restarting the finder fixes the issue.

I suggest checking that its not an issue with the scripts or some long-running app that the script talks to.