Can the Mac Notifications Center be Scripted?

Continuing the discussion from Notification center (bis):

I would like to script the following:

  1. Get a list of Notifications currently in the Notification Center
  2. Extract all of the data from a specific Notification.

I have searched extensively and cannot find any scripts or documentation on doing this.

It would be great if I could only do a manual copy of a specific Notification.
But no, Apple seems to think we have no right to access our own Notifications?!?!?!

Any/All help and/or suggestions welcome.

If I’m not wrong, *NSUserNotificationCenter* is hard deprecated since Mojave.
It’s now a separate framework.
This means that any script written for an earlier version will have no effect at all.

Deprecated class
New framework

Thanks, Jonas. I’d be happy with a solution that just works with Mojave.
Any ideas?

Sorry Jim,

Can’t help you on this since I’m stuck with High Sierra.
And I don’t think I will update before the end of this summer.

I think you’re out of luck. Most of the notification stuff is deliberately out of developers’ reach.

OK, thanks. I’ll quit wasting my time. :frowning_face: