Can not set key bindings for many menu items

I am unable to set key bindings for many menu items. In particular, Copy Lines, but there are many more. The dialog box for setting the shortcut can not be selected and the Clear and Revert buttons are “grayed out.” I have tried resetting to factory defaults and removing Script Debuggers preference file (when Script Debugger was not running.) Alas, neither solved the problem.

Mac Studio Ultra
macOS 12.6
Script Debugger 8.0.5

Have you typed the shortcut when that dialog first appeared?

Hello Shane. The field in the dialog box in which the shortcut is entered can not be selected. Typing the shortcut without attempting to select the field results in only a beep :(.
After first writing, I encountered something which must be related and hopefully helps you track it down. In an attempt to fix the problem I had removed Script Debugger’s preference file (first quitting Script Debugger) and ran SD, but the problem persisted. Rather than resetting all the preferences to my liking, I returned the original preference file, first quitting Script Debugger. Then, the keyboard shortcuts I had assigned way back when no longer were assigned. Furthermore, I could not assign them. I then fetched SD’s preferences file from yesterday’s backup and put it in the preferences folder. My keyboard shortcuts were back in action.
I have a copy of that original preference file, as it was prior to being removed. I am happy to send it to you but was unsure if I should attach it to this post.

I don’t think it’s related to the prefs file.

So you go to the Bindings list, find Cut Lines, click on it to highlight it, then click the Set button. When the Keystroke dialog comes, you type the shortcut you want, and nothing happens. Is that what you are saying?

Shane - Yes, your description is correct. I have encountered a different bug with bindings (about which Mark and I have communicated) that might be a clue. If you set a keyboard shortcut that is a member of the default set of shortcuts, your shortcut is lost when Script Debugger is restarted.

Would it be possible to make a small movie of what’s happening and email it to me?

(Some default shortcuts cannot be overridden.)

Shane - I was recording your video. SD’s keybindings worked normally. I am respectful of your time - I am always careful to verify my work before stating I have encountered a bug. I checked it several times, including after quitting and relaunching SD. One difference is the computer had been shutdown and subsequently restarted prior to recording the video. In any event, thank you for your assistance.

No problem – glad you got it sorted.