CalendarLib EC issue: "with runs all day" not working

I use CalendarLib EC to make calendar events and everything is great when, except when I want to make an all day event. If I do like this:
set theEvent_G to create event event store theStore_G destination calendar theCal_G event summary theSummary starting date theStartDateTime ending date theEndDateTime event description theDescription with runs all day

It just puts the event into the calendar, with whatever date and time I used for “starting date” and “ending date.” Normally I would have “without runs all day” because that’s what I usually want, and that works fine. But “with runs all day” gives me the same result.

How do I make an all-day event?

I’m not sure why that’s occuring. What happens if you leave out the ending date parameter?

If I leave out the ending date parameter I get an error:
“The «class !Ced» parameter is missing for «event !CLs!cre».”

Try first creating the event and then use modify event to make it all day?

That solves it. Thanks Shane, I should have thought of that.