CalendarLib EC a cheeky question

I am trying to emulate CalendarLib EC using Livecode Builder to wrap the objective-c commands that access Apple’s EventKit. To date I have created a Livecode library that reads a number of properties of the events in my calendar.

One property that is causing me an issue is the boolean property “hasAlarms” as it seems to return true for almost all the events in my Calendars including the majority that have no alarm set.

I wonder if this is due to a bug either in my library or in the Eventkit. I have tried using the CalendarLib to view the events but have not discovered how to display the hasAlarms property.

For whats it wirth my objective-c wrapped for Livecode Builder looks like this :

 private foreign handler Objc_EventHasAlarms(in pEventObj as objcID) \
						returns optional CBool \
						binds to "objc:EventKit>EKEvent.hasAlarms

Do you think I have found a bug in the Eventkit or should I be looking closer to home?

best wishes