Bundle Id for apps question

I have started setting versions for a number of apps I’ve been using (some for years, some for weeks, some for days).

I’ve noticed that the "Bundle ID: value in the Bundle & Export dialog is not coming in consistently. For example, in one script I’m working on it appeared as this:


This script is fairly new, a few days.





They should all be using: com.latimes.[script name]

(that’s the Bundle ID Prefix in settings)

Also, sometimes the Copyright field has 2 commas.

Does the Bundle Id not update when an Application is saved?

There was another example where the bundle ID had a long string of text, looking like a password (I fixed it and saved over).

What’s going on?

→ Script Debugger 8.0.3 (8A49)
→ MacOS 11.6.2

The Bundle ID prefix you set in Script Debugger’s preferences is only used when you create a new script – existing scripts will already have an ID that won’t be rewritten.

There are other anomalies with the Bundle & Export dialog.

When it opens the Build# field is often blank, but it does have a value.

I can tell there’s a value because if I click the up or down arrow the value increments or decrements. So far when it’s been blank the value has always been 0, 1 or 2.

Also, maybe a third of the time the copyright field opens with two commas between the [[name]] and All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © [[year]] [[name]], [[organization]], All Rights Reserved

I don’t have a value for organization on some scripts but do for others. If there’s no organization (or name) would it be possible to not have that comma?

Also, I’ve had a couple pop up with “-Autosaved” at the end of the Bundle ID. Not sure how that happens.

The incrementing buttons have been designed to assume an initial value of 1 if there’s no value entered.

We’re just doing a straight token replacement. That sort of detailed parsing really opens a can of worms.

If you switch between identities, you’d probably be better off to write a script to set the copyright string directly.

It still seems kind of goofy. I opened an applet that I use regularly, but had never set build or version numbers.

In the menu the version showed ‘1’ and the build showed ‘’ (both with single typographer quotes)

I selected “increment build” and the build went from ‘’ to ‘2’

I opened the Bundle and Export settings and the build was 2.

I clicked the down increment button and the build went to zero.

Something similar happened before but I wasn’t really looking for it and couldn’t report it.

So the build is appearing as blank when it’s not set but it’s value is 1.

If you increment it the value changes to 2.

If you de-increment that the value changes to zero.

Could you please send me a screenshot showing that?

The assumption is that a build without a number is the first build, so the first incremented build will be the second build, hence build number 2. Is that unreasonable?

That makes perfect sense. The issue is that it’s blank in the menu and the dialog, and, after incrementing to 2, de-incrementing changes it to zero.

Here’s a quicktime. In this case when I de-increment it changes to one. If I see another example where it goes from 2 to zero, I’ll let you know. (I guess it’s possible I clicked the de-increment arrow twice, but I’ve seen it twice)

(If the icloud drive link doesn’t work or isn’t convenient, let me know. I can do dropBox or OneDrive links too)

That part I get – I just wanted to make sure we are on the same page with the rest of the behavior. The steppers should never take the value below 1.

Did you have a chance to check the quotes? I think it’s just the design of Apple’s font.

It reliably drops to zero if you de-increment.

I’ve noticed that on new scripts, created in SD8 the build number is displayed correctly. In the menu and the dialog.

It’s only with SD7 and older scripts where the build isn’t displayed.

The quotes are visible in the quicktime.

Right. When I said “should”, I meant should be made to.

They look correct to me.

Do you mean I shouldn’t do that, or SD shouldn’t let me do that?

It’s actually not the quotes I was concerned about. It’s that there was nothing between the quotes.

This. It needs fixing.

But you said “(both with single typographer quotes)”. That’s what I’m trying to check.

The quotes are there to make sense of an otherwise empty entry.

OK, then blank with a value of one is by design and so are the quotes.

It’s just incrementing to zero that’s the issue.

I noticed that the Version number seems a little odd.

On a new script it has a value of 1. If you delete that, it gets a grayed out place holder that says “Major Number”

The next field has a value of zero and deleting that shows the default place holder text that says “Minor Number”

The next field has no value and show “Patch Number” as a placeholder.

There’s no place holder for the Build number.

For consistency sake I’d suggest having:

1 “Minor Number” “Patch Number”
in the first three fields and a new “Build Number” place holder in that field (with a value of one).

That’s because there’s no explanation needed. The other placeholders are explanatory of the version naming convention, which some scripters may not be familiar with. There’s only one build number value, and it’s optional.