Bug Report: Oddity with commented-out continuations

Hi Mark,

I often break up code into multiple lines by tying them together with ampersands and continuation characters. There’s a simplified example shown below that produces the list {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}.

At times, I comment out the ampersands and continuation characters for debugging, so as to execute each statement individually:
Debug Oddity_Code
Debugger seems to treat the continuation marks as still somewhat “in play”:
Debug Oddity_Step 3
Obviously, the result will be different (five integers, rather than a list of five integers). But my goal is to check the result of each individual statement, so the difference is moot to me.

Note that there’s just one breakpoint arrow for the five statements. When stepping, each command IS executed separately, yet the five statements have a relationship that ties them together visually, evident by the highlighting and active selection during stepping.

In this example and similar situations, statements are both treated as a group and as individuals, both at the same time.

Is this fixable? Or, when debugging, rather than comment out the ampersands and continuation marks, should I just remove them?


It seems that SD is not properly parsing statements that have line continuations within line-comments. Just remove the line continuations from the comment and SD will do what it is supposed to.

I’ve filed a bug at my end and we’ll get this resolved in an upcoming maintenance release.