Bug -- Launch Application on Click File Menu -- When Cursor is in App-Tell-Block

Hey Mark & Shane,

For both:

Script Debugger 7.0.8 (7A80) on OSX 10.12.6
Script Debugger 5.0.12 (707) on OSX 10.12.6

Steps to Reproduce:

Create a new script like so:

tell application "Calculator"
   | ⇠ cursor 
end tell

Click the “File” menu with the mouse pointer.

Calculator launches in the background.

This is true for all apps I’ve tried: Evernote, TextExpander, Safari, Calculator.

Also – with Script Debugger 7.0.8 I can sometimes get the app to launch by clicking the “Help” menu or by hitting Cmd-Shift-? to bring up the “Help” menu search field.

I nearly always use keyboard shortcuts for menu items, so this is the first time I recall ever seeing this behavior…


What you’re seeing is a side-effect of building the command-D menu command — in this case the one that says Open "Calculator.app" Dictionary. Building that menu item indirectly requires launching the target. I suspect it’s always been this way.