Bug in Key Binding setting

I am not sure this is the right place for reporting a bug which it is present in version SB 8.0.0, until (at least) in 8.0.2.
I did not check in 8.0.3

Bug description:
If you assign a customised Key Binding sequence to:
File → Export Run Only → Application (Apple) it stays until you quit SD.
If you quit and restart SD, the same sequence combo is re-assigned to:
File → Export Run Only → Application (Enhanced).


Yes, same thing happens here.

I assigned cmd-shift-option-E to
File>Export Run Only>Application (Apple).

It worked. I exported a script and it was an apple applet.

I quit SD relaunched and that key command exported an enhanced applet.

Checking the preference–>Key Binding I confirm that the key combination was assigned to Enhanced Applet.

→ Script Debugger 8.0.3 (8A42)
→ Mac OS 11.6 (20G165)