Black Friday 2016: 30% Off Script Debugger 6

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For one day only, Friday November 25th 2016, purchase Script Debugger 6 for 30% off (US$69.99).

Thanks for making this huge offer, Mark.
I have re-posted on the Keyboard Maestro Forum.

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This promotion is now over. We had 20 purchases during the course of the day which is disappointing. I may have been able to generate more sales with better publicity for the offer.

Had you given me a bit more notice I’d have happily posted about it on my blog.

Mark, I suspect that is the case.
Other than your web site and forum, did you publish the announcement elsewhere?
I did not see any.

Some ideas:

  • Re-announce now: “Extended Black Friday” through “Cyber Monday”
  • Post to AppleScript Users List
  • Send email to all of your current and former subscribers, and ask them to share with friends and colleagues, and to post in any related forums they use.
  • Post in as many other forums as you can (many, like Evernote, have a 3rd party sub-forum).
  • Buy some Google Search keywords
  • Send announcement to owner/manager of Mac Automation Tips
  • Ask Sal to post something on
  • Advertise on

I don’t know how feasible any of those are – they are just some brain-storming ideas for your consideration.

Thank you for these suggestions. I did do some promotion (AppleScript Users, FaceBook, Twitter, and a few others). I certainly could have done more. I don’t think I’m going to extend the offer. I think the resources (ad money, etc.) can better be used elsewhere.

Mark, here’s another potential, for both now and later: Macworld Daily Emails

I have no idea how products get on their “Deal Alert”, but it might be worth investigating:
I got this in an email today:
(highlights are mine)