Big Sur Runtime Script Error on launch with Sparkle dialog in background

Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 4.20.23 PM

When launching my app in Big Sur, I get an immediate Runtime Script Error indicating a variable is not set. This shows over top of the Sparkle dialog “Check for updates automatically”. This doesn’t happen in 10.13 -10.15, only 11.1. I can’t even seem to set the sparkle options like SUEnableAutomaticChecks to stop the launch of the Sparkle dialog which I think may be the issue. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Can you give some idea of where/how the variable is set? Are properties involved somehow?

It is designated as a global at the top of the script, and then set a few lines into the script.

It makes me wonder if the app is skipping the process() and going straight to cleanup()

Just FYI in case anyone else sees this issue, I ended up setting the variable immediately and it went away, I don’t know why Big Sur has this issue, but that fixed it for me.