Big Sur Beta 1.1 Script Debugger 7.0.12 not running opening/closing folder Folder Actions

Setting the run and step-over menus to activate the Folder Actions for opening folder and closing folder just execute the run handler and do not setup future actions to default to invoking those handlers. The Folder Actions for Adding Folder Items and Removing Folder Items do properly function and add the green information line right below the window title indicating they are the default handlers to be run.

We apologize for this. Script Debugger 7’s ability to debug scripts running in other runtime environments, like Folder Actions, no longer works with macOS Catalina and onward. The security changes made in these versions of macOS prevent Script Debugger from being able to function in this way.

Additionally, the failure is silent in that Folder Actions will not report any type of error. The script will just fail to load.

Script Debugger does provide tools for simulating the Folder Actions environment. See the Sub menus within the Script > Run menu.

No, the sub-menus for open/close folder are what is not working. I’m not trying to debug scripts being run by Folder Actions itself, only being simulated as such within Script Debugger. It makes no sense that Script Debugger can simulate the Adding Folder items and Removing Folder Items but not the Open Folder and Close Folder handlers.

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Yes, I see the problem here too. I’ll get a fix into Script Debugger for the next maintenance release. Expect a PM from me with a pre-release build containing a fix for this issue shortly.