Better explorer window control via scripting(feature request)

(Ed Stockly) #1

I have a script that I’m running with two explorer windows linked to variables open, and I realized it would be cool if I could script these.

But it’s not easy. First, it’s not easy to determine which explorer window is associated with the front most script. So maybe a document property?

Second, when displaying “best” I’d like to be able to script the width of the panes. Or have SD do a better job remembering the positions and pane widths of each window between runs.

Third, it seems if I’m observing a local variable the window disappears between runs and I have to open it and resize it again.

I’d like to be able to run a script that puts the explorer windows in the positions I want with the pane widths they way I like them (thinner on the left, wider on the right)

(Ed Stockly) #2

It would also be nice if explorer windows could float above the script window when that’s clicked. And if we could dock multiple explorer windows together in a palette. These would be especially helpful when using a laptop and screen space is at a premium.