Beta Testing Script Debugger

If you are interested in testing pre-release versions of Script Debugger, please contact me (@alldritt) with your forum username.

While we do our best to ensure that pre-release builds of Script Debugger are usable, this is beta software and it may contain errors and bugs. It is probably best not to trust production scripts to beta versions of Script Debugger. In the event that there are problems, please be prepared to answer questions from me or Shane (@ShaneStanley) as we work out the cause of a problem you have found.

Users of all skill levels are welcome to participate. You just need a willingness to deal with problems and report your experiences.

Beta Testers get access to all pre-release builds and a special Beta Testing section of this forum and direct access to Shane and I. All beta bug reporting is done through the Beta Testing section of this forum so that other beta testers can help reproduce any problems found and be involved in discussions around choices that may arise.


Hi Mark,
I’m certainly a novice at scripting, but would glad to help test. My focus would be primarily on accessibility as a VOiceOver user, but that is what I know best. :slight_smile: User name is Scott_H.

Thank you,

Hi, I come from keyboard maestro forum and I am glad to see your tweet about script debugger 7.

I am not good at applescript before, but I bought omnifocus one month ago, so the applescript will be my future skill this year.

I really like your short video about this editor in twitter, also like to try newest and coolest feature from script debugger too!

User name is rail4you, email is in my account, I will be a happy beta tester!

I’d be willing to beta test SD7. Some of my scripts are relatively long for AppleScript (2K lines), and they do seem to tax the limits of SD6, requiring periodic restarts. User name is LagunaHiker.

I’ve been away for a while. Is there an SD8 on the horizon?

Have you guys thought about moving to a subscription model?

Work on Script Debugger 8 is progressing. We have it running natively on Apple Silicon along with a number of other upgrades. We’ll be commencing beta testing Script Debugger 8 in a while.


Hi, I would like to beta test, user name Pete.

I would be interested in beta testing SD, particularly on Apple Silicon. My prior scripting has been primarily using Ruby/Python, but have been spending more time with AppleScript to automate Apps. Thanks. My user name is naven87

Script Debugger 8 beta testing has begun. For Script Debugger 8, we have made our beta testing group public so everyone can participate. Please confine issues and discussion relating to Script Debugger 8 to the Beta Testing group.