Beta Testing Confidentiality

As I begin to publicize Script Debugger 7 ahead of it’s release, this is a quick reminder about Beta Testing confidentiality.

Please be aware that all content, including the existence of features, published through this Beta Testing group is to be considered confidential until we (Late Night Software) make the information public. Any and all text or imagery posted to this Beta Testing group may not be republished without permission.

Thank you all for your cooperation and help.

Thank you for the reminder. Exchanging on this forum where all the other threads coexist made me forget that this was a closed one. I think I wrote on a recent blog article that there was going to be a Lite version. I’m on my way to remove that reference. Apologies

Thanks, but I publicized that feature today so you can leave it be on your post. :slight_smile:

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Well, I was on my way already. That’s ok, I removed the reference (that was buried in a ton of text anyway) and just sent a mail with that info only to that list I have for translators on the mac.