Best vs. Source, another example where best is not best

I know it’s often better to see variables in source view, but I usually find best view better.

But, here’s an example where it’s not helpful (copied from another thread):

   set AppleScript's text item delimiters to {":" & tab, return}

When I run this and look at the result or the TID values in “best” mode, I see “:” and “”.

In other words the tab and return character are not there. But if I look at them in “source” mode they are.

Hey Ed,



It shows up properly in Script Debugger 5’s best mode though.


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Why not have the best of both worlds: Show Best and Source by shift-clicking on the ones you want. You can also turn on Show Invisibles in Source view to get more info:

Yes, I see we have regressed somewhere along the time. Here’s how it appears in SD5:

Bug filed…

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Perhaps I am a bit slow here but where you talked about shift-clicking item 2 in the response to Ed’s post, when I do that nothing happens. It sounded like you were saying an individual item in the list could be changed back and forth between “Best” and “Source” by shift clicking. I get the contextual menu when I control-click item 2 which is shown below.

I don’t see anything in the contextual menu to make items change in the part of the window shown in the your image. What am I missing here?


I’m sorry, I was not clear. Shift click on Best & Source:

Individual list items cannot be shifted from best to source within an explorer. You could double-click to summon a viewer window for a particular value and then move between source and best there.

Thanks Mark. I didn’t know that.

That is cool! Maybe cool enough to wish it was default behavior, but since there have been issues with Best, maybe better not, but still, I like it!