Be careful with macOS beta

Anyone thinking of trying out macOS 12.3 beta 3 might want to see this first:

It sounds like there’s something seriously wrong.

I was very surprised and soon report to Apple via Feedback Assistant.
It should be modified soon, I hear.
I think it was a kind of a traffic accident for which only the other side is at fault.

Other team changes something and it made effect to AppleScript system.
We can only wait for fix or skip macOS 12.3 beta 3.

Some of my .scpt files won’t even open in Script Editor under 12.3 beta 3, seems sort of random, but as noted, size seems to be the issue. Work fine when moved over to 12.2.

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Still seeing this issue in Beta 4.

This appears fixed in 12.3 Beta 5.


I think so, too. But some macOS 12 specific troubles remain.

Anything specific you can report?