Banned from ASUL?


(Jean Christophe Helary) #1

I’m sorry to mention that here, but it appears that the reason why I’m not getting mails from ASUL is that I’ve been banned from it…

I tried to resub with either of my 2 gmail accounts but both triggered the following message:

The email address you supplied is banned from this mailing list. If you think this restriction is erroneous, please contact the list owners at

Has something like this ever happened to somebody here ? I’m going to send a mail to the list owner but I don’t remember doing anything offensive, so could that be a technical glitch ?

(Mark Alldritt) #2

I’m not sure if its related, but while I receive ASUL email digests, all my attempts to post to the mailing list fail silently.

(Ed Stockly) #3

I think I can still post.

Should we do a post referring people here and macscripter before the list goes away?

(Shane Stanley) #4

It could be that you’re somehow being incorrectly identified as a spammer, although how the ancient mailserver being used would do that, who knows.

(Jean Christophe Helary) #5

As I wrote earlier on ASUL, it was seemingly a “misconfigured auto-block list”… I seem to be able to post to ASUL now. If you’ve not received mail from ASUl for a while, you should check your status but resubscribing to it.