Automator Runner displays dialog in Sierra, not in High Sierra

I have some scripts that include lines like this one:

do shell script "osascript -e 'tell application \"Automator Runner\"  to display dialog \"Word must go online to convert the intermediate file.\" & return & return & \"This message will close when Word finishes.\" buttons {\"Conversion in process…\"} with title \"WPWordConverter\" giving up after 60' &> /dev/null &"

This worked perfectly under Sierra; when I try to use this kind of thing in High Sierra, I get an error message:

Automator Runner got an error: Connection is invalid.

Probably I should use something more modern to accomplish this, but I’m trying to be compatible with older OS versions.

Is there something I can do to make this work in High Sierra? As a workaround, I’ve enclosed these lines in try/end try blocks, but that leaves the user without any visual indication of what’s going on the background. Thanks for any help.

Have you tried System Events? You shouldn’t be scripting Automator Runner.

Thank you, Shane. I’m not clear on whether I can use System Events for the purposes of this script - and I think I wasted everyone’s time by not explaining why I was using Automator Runner in the first place, instead of System Events.

I use Automator Runner to display a dialog until a later point in the script (when a file gets created); at that point my script kills the Automator Runner process and the dialog closes. I couldn’t figure out any other way to make a dialog appear at one point and then close it at a specific later point in the script.

I’m trying to find something that will be compatible at least as far back as OS X 10.8, though I’m perfectly willing to give up and support only later versions if necessary.

EDIT: I suppose I should try this, but is it possible to run a second script that does nothing but display a dialog, and then kill that second script at the point where I want to close the dialog?

I understand what you’re doing — I’m just saying Automator Runner isn’t meant to be scripted like that, so you have no guarantees.

It sounds like you really want a scriptable progress bar app. You could try something like this:

That’s exactly what I want. I found I had a copy of an older version on my disk, but used Automator Runner simply because it was easier. Thank you for the reminder.