Automating You Mac, Second Edition

(Mark Alldritt) #1

Check out the new edition of Joe Kissell’s “Take Control of Automating Your Mac”.

Purchasers of Joe’s book receive a 15% discount on Script Debugger 6 (along with discounts on other fine Mac software). This means you effectively get Joe’s book for free.

(Jean Christophe Helary) #2

Does the book address AS/ASObjC ?

(Dana E. Stevens) #3

I just looked through my copy. There are a couple of mentions of AS/ASObjC but no specific examples using it that I found. There is a short paragraph that advises going to to learn more about AS/ASObjC.

(Dana E. Stevens) #4

After rereading Jean’s question I realized that I may have misunderstood the question when I first replied. I initially thought Jean was interested only in AppleScript Objective C but see now that he may have been interested in AppleScript and/or AppleScript Objective C. The book does in fact have a chapter titled “Get Started with AppleScript” that includes AppleScript basics as well as some example scripts. There is a section titled “Learn More about AppleScript” in the chapter with links to resources for learning more about AppleScript. Sorry if I misunderstood Jean’s question when I first replied.

(Jean Christophe Helary) #5

That’s totally fine. I did get from the first answer that there was not much in the book for “us”. Thank you very much for checking !