Autocomplete in NSTokenFields

Greetings to all.
First post. Big question.

  • Is it possible to define an autocomplete behavior for an NSTokenField in ApplescriptObjC in a script ?
    (Passing an array of strings to be used for the autocomplete)
    (If so , how to proceed to implement it.)
    (So far, I can create an NSTokenField , populate it with tokens and get back the tokens when closing the dialog. Editing is still a bit messy. Text is tokenized only if I click outside the tokenfield.)

That may well be unavoidable because token fields rely on delayed actions on the main thread, and that doesn’t happen when you run them modal fram AppleScript.

Thanks for the reply.
I guess I can live with that.
Do you think the autocomplete operation can be achieved with ApplescriptObjC ?
I was guessing it should be around NSTokenFieldCell methods.
I’ve found an article on the subject but it is beyond my basic understanding of ApplescriptObjC.
(But I still can’t post links.)
It’s on macscripter dot net forum . (Go on a topic then replace the id with 35197)
So it is still unclear if this can be done.

I’m guessing no, but that is only a guess.