Autocomplete for variable names

Hello! I’m new to Script Debugger so apologies if this is obvious but is it possible to get Script Debugger to auto complete variable names? I’m very used to other tools that do this and I find without it, I’m often typing variables slightly wrong which causes problems (of course).


Analyzing what’s a variable name in AppleScript is trickier than most language because of the extensive use of multi-word terminology. However, when you compile, completion works for all variable names compiled. So the trick is to compile regularly.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, even when I compile, I’m not seeing any kind of auto complete or recognition of variable names. I’d normally expect to be able to start typing a name (for example “allFiles”) and I’d hope that as I was typing, it’d recognize that the first few letters match and suggest “allFiles” for auto completion. Is that what you’re suggesting should happen after I compile?

Completion isn’t automatic — you need to press the esc or F5 key. (Auto-completion is problematic with multi-word terminology,)

Thank You! Not sure how I missed that.