AsObjC app and "tell application" block

I haven’t done for years:
Creating an app with Xcode which includes a handler using

tell application id "" --(or any other)

Probably cause of Mojave I get the error message:

Not authorized to send Apple events to Final Cut Pro. (error -1743)

Any help or hint is really appreciated.

You need a Privacy - AppleEvents Sending Usage Description string in your Info.plist file.

Thanks Shane,

This second I found :
Which says the same.
But I’ve no idea how to do yet.

Found it - was simple:
New entry and type “NSAppleEventsUsageDescription” which compiles to “Privacy - AppleEvents Sending Usage Description”

Just out of curiosity:
In ScriptEditor you additionally can see the “Objective-C” stuff for Final Cut Pro - how would that work?

No idea. I don’t use Final Cut Pro.

I assumed that you aren’t using it :smile:
But maybe iTunes. I just had a look and the Objective-C things are there as well.
I just have no idea what the approach would be.

Sorry, I’m not sure what things you’re referring to.

Ah, now I realize what you mean. That’s the terminology for those using the Scripting Bridge from Objective-C. Similar functionality, different interface.