ASObj-C database, needs suggestions on what you want to do with ASObj-C

Updated on 4/22/17 to change the title. I figured the original title might cause people to avoid the the topic. Original topic was “ASObj-C database, need your help”

There are different kinds of database keys that work on different levels. I could use some thoughts, suggestions or just any old idea about something.

The general idea behind the keys I’m talking about is coming up with tasks people would like to complete but would require the use of ASObj-C. I’m working with the idea that a task is composed of an object (a noun) and an action (a verb that involves doing something). So a “task” is something someone wants to accomplish by using the objects in a way described by the actions. The keys would be object-action pairs.

What I could use help with is putting together a list of things a scripter might want to accomplish with ASObj-C.

Different keys that I’m not looking for would be more low level and allowed the database user to specify actual the implementation details. That part is easy. That is just keys for the the ASObj-C language. I’m looking for higher level keys. For example create a database to analyze stored data to produce reports analyzing the last 10 years of something which has noun: database, report & verbs: analyze. Another one might be create a window that would go into an application with a list of things the window would do. Noun: Window, Verbs:what the window does. So these 2 things give me nouns:database, report, windows and verbs: analyze, various things a window can do. This gives a set of nouns and verbs that can mixed in different ways to specify different types of things in the database.

I need to come up with a general description key word set. I’m not asking for nouns or verbs. Just ideas about what kinds of things you might want to in ASObj-C. Not things like sort a list. That is lower level stuff that is easy to figure out. One good thing would be something you would like to do in AppleScript but you would need to use ASObj-C to accomplish it. It is not easy to come up with a comprehensive list. Feel free two say what ever you would want to know how to do. This is the how a key set allows a person to find things they didn’t know existed to solve their problem. I would like to knock a month or 2 or perhaps more off the development time if possible.

I would love way more ideas then I need, then too little ideas.