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Do you know what happened to the “AS Hole?” I’ve been wondering about it for a while but didn’t want to bring it up during testing. But I keep wondering if it moved, or if it’s been removed. Do you know? It’s been gone for a while.


Takaaki mentioned in a recent tweet that he lost all his data on his previous site. He recreated everything here a few days ago:


Jean Christophe,

Thanks for the tip on the new site. I have truly missed the site.

Have a great day :slight_smile:


Dut to the unhappy miss-communication, the original WordPress database server was shutdown. Though I got back DB dump, it was difficult to import to newer version of database server.

So, I made auto-uploading AppleScript. It gets scripts from Finder and generate HTMLs and upload them to WordPress via XML-RPC.

Now, over 600 articles got back. Almost all of them are AppleScriptObjC. Old-styled & old-age scripts will be omitted.

Google search engine may indicate old-version of web site page, I made an application to re-generate its cache data.

I lost a lot of time with this trouble. It was an unhappy 10 th anniversary blog event.


I just wanted to say I really, really appreciate your efforts to bring back the site. I had just started to update the ASObj-C database again and I was really starting to miss your site. After SD testing is over I’m looking forward to checking out your site.

Thanks again your wonderful site :slight_smile:

Bill Kopp

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