Application (Apple) plist has .app suffix in CFBundleName

I have just upgraded from SD6 to SD8 and after saving an existing Applescript Application (Apple) script, signed to run locally, the Application name in the menu bar now has the .app suffix. In comparing the current and previous plists, the key CFBundleName now includes the .app suffix, which wasn’t there previously. How can I delete that without invalidating the signature, as happens when I edit it manually?

I’m not sure where the .app is from. If I create a new applet in SD8, the CFBundleName does not include .app.

Try doing a Save As....

Thanks, Save As… solved it.

Spoke too soon. I am trying to use a custom icon and when I do a Save As… or Save a Copy As… the custom icon is deleted from the Resource folder. And when I add it back and then Save, the .app suffix is again added to CFBundleName. So there is no way to have a custom icon without .app suffixed to the displayed application name.

Are you giving the custom icon a custom name? If not, you should.

I am, and that is retained in CFBundleIconFile even when the icon file is deleted with Save As…

Can you email me the app or a sample that exhibits this behavior? I’m having trouble reproducing it.