AppleScript with BBEdit: Select Line

I’m a total noob, and so I hope I’m not wasting the time of you power users. I’m simply looking for the code to Select the line that the cursor is currently in, for a text file in BBEdit. I thought I might find out in the Record Mode, but it complies to something like:
select line 3 of project window 1
The problem is that I need to select WHATEVER line that the cursor is IN. I tried things like:
select current line of project window 1.
But without success.

I found this statement from

tell application "BBEdit"
  tell front text window
    tell the selection to set {_n, _selectionstart} to {startLine, characterOffset}
  end tell
end tell

That will give you the line# of the text cursor (insertion point).
There is much more in the above reference that may be helpful.