AppleScript Bug? BBEdit Returns typeHIPoint for Window Position

Hey Folks,

BBEdit 14 is reporting a typeHIPoint rather than a list for a window position value.

Rich says this is actually correct, but I’m not familiar with the datatype. He says he will fix the issue in a later release.

Does anyone know the details of this issue?



I’ve never seen it in the wild. In the meantime, you can always use bounds instead.

But of course, I’ve only been doing that for 26 years… :sunglasses:

I don’t want to argue with Rich, but I’ve never seen this issue outside of a couple of builds of BBEdit – and I wanted the no b.s. version.


BBEdit 14.0.1 just came out and fixed the problem.

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At the moment of assignment, the data contained by position and size properties are partially (de)referenced. I was wondering whether dereferencing fully would have unwrapped that data wrapper. Either by coercing:

...position as {list, point, vector, anything}

or getting:

set windowPosition to get the position

or explicit dereferencing:

set windowPosition to the position's contents

or by adding a final line that evaluates the variable windowPosition:


or by enumerating the items through assignment:

set {windowLeft, windowTop} to the position

usw., usw., ….

Although you probably cannot test that now since the release of the update.

I don’t think that’s true when the result is the typeHIPoint data-type.

It’s indivisible.



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