AppleScript applet - acknowledging an open source license

I have a script that I send to a client as a run only Application. It can reference a specific font which the client would have to download and install themselves to use.

Looking at the license for this font - released under Apache License v2.0 - I believe I may be able to include the font file (unaltered) inside the applications resources folder and give an acknowledgment of usage.

I have a few questions which I’d appreciate some guidance on though since this is a new area for me:

Firstly, does the above check out for an Applescript applet? The Apache License 2.0 would seem to allow for the usage I’ve described.

I understand that I must include an Acknowledgment of the usage by including the Apache License 2.0 text somewhere. It’s perhaps common to include a HTML file with the listed open source software used and their applicable licenses.

What do you think would be the best way to achieve this with an AppleScript application? I do have an About dialog which comes up from on_run but it’s obviously quite limited in what it’s able to do. Does it sound acceptable to add a 3rd button labeled ‘Acknowledgments’ and have this do an open location on the URL of the HTML file also from the resources folder?

Many thanks

You’re asking what is, in effect, a legal question, and I’m no lawyer. However, a requirement to include a file is just that. It’s not a requirement to display it.

Yep, always tricky these questions. Where ever I look online I often see a similar response re the legal side! Thanks Shane, I appreciate the reply as I hadn’t looked at the acknowledgment that way to be honest. I’ll do my due diligence on the license.