AppleScript App Template is gone

I reized that Apple have removed the AppleScript App Template in Xcode 14.
I wonder if someone could be so kind to attach that template in this topic.
So could I import it or at least have a backup for future development.

I believe its still avalible in Xcode 13


Would you suggest other approach ?


Have a look on MacScripter.

Thanks Jonas, I later did a download of Xcode 13.4.1 to extract whose template and installed them in Xcode 14.1. So now I have a backup of whose in a future of Xcode.

Its always a give and take when Apple decide to update things, :wink:

I posted the AppleScript App.xctemplate to dropbox.


Can someone please explain why I am unable to post links on this forum or upload attachments?

In the meantime, check the Apple Developer Forum for the thread “Where Is The AppleScript Project Option In Xcode 14 Beta”. There you will find a suitable solution as well as the dropbox link to the template.

Thanks Mark S, I got your message yesterday but I see this post is 10 days old.

I download Xcode 13 and made a backup of the Template, I have already test it and it works.