AppleScript app isn't showing appname on Catalina

I need to execute a shell script as root. The only solution I found was to wrap the shellscript into an AppleScript app. The app itself works fine. However, on High Sierra the app shows the name when the shellscript is executed: “Stop Valentina Server wants to make changes”.

But on Catalina the name is missing: " wants to make changes."

I checked the plist of the AppleScript app but the plist looks fine.

What can I do to make Catalina show the name of the app or something?

Are you supplying the with prompt parameter to the do shell script command?

No. Here is the complete AppleScript:

set scr to "launchctl load -wF /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.paradigmasoft.vserver_x64.plist"
do shell script scr with administrator privileges

You can use it to set the text you wish to appear:

do shell script "ls /" with prompt "Dies ist meine Aufforderung" with administrator privileges

Thanks, that’s a good workaround. I’ll open a Feedback report with Apple for the problem.