I’ve an app using tell blocks for other apps i.e.
tell application “Finder”


The info.plist contains
Privacy - AppleEvents Sending Usage Description

Now since yesterday I get the error message:
Not authorized ti send Apple events to inder …

Any idea why?

Are you using the hardened runtime?

I didn’t, after I found where to turn on I did, but it didn’t change anything.

I actually meant to check that it wasn’t turned on by mistake. If it’s on, it must allow Apple events too.

Have you checked your access in System Preferences?

Finally I’ve found the error.
Was a user error - not really mine.
While a few users of the app had issues with the ‘sign/notarize’ thing one told me I have to run a few shell scripts before sending the app to Apple for approve.
One of these stripped those settings.